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Sorted Links

Okay.. here are some refrences to things I like. These come from the newsgroups I surf (offline), I pick them off intending to check them out whenever I re-connect to the network. I suspect other people will find them useful (I know I do!).

from comp.robotics.misc

  1. towerhobbies
  2. wedge of doom page-*ALL* about a Robotwars contestant
  3. Electronics Search FAQ- information useful for electronics & electronics design. Basically about... ALL about doing electronics related research. Very big site!
  4. esearch faq alternate site for the above
  5. nasa jpl as it says
  7. trader richard-This guy's claim to fame is that he sells chips. something unique about this site, he's got a list of clubs on his links a nice comprehensive looking list of industrial sites (places you buy parts from for your robot projects). Got links to robotics magazines' sites too. A regular on the group
  8. app note Device Control via the PC
  9. stpper driver
  10. edmund scientific!
  11. comp.robotics faq
  12. newmicros..8051 development gear
  13. a lynxmotion/gameboy robot
  14. qcam
  15. mini ssc
  16. parts
  17. patents
  18. jan axelson(author)
  19. personal robotics page
  20. check under schemnatics,then pwm control of a solenoid
  21. research network
  22. wireless telephone jack
  23. bs 1/4,lcd
  24. treads
  25. exhaustive list of c resources
  26. c faq(book ?)
  27. RF monolithics, inc.Virtual Wire,
  28. programming
  29. pc104
  30. schematic/pc trace w auto router
  32. making a basic sumo robot
  33. List Of Stamp Applications
  34. Center for Intelligent Machines and Robotics
  35. apprentice project
  36. Lindsay Publications Inc
  38. Opto Diode Corp.
  39. Gear Suppliers
  40. The handy board - All about the `Handy Board'- a complete u-controller based on the 6811 BUT with analog & digital input,output, servo output,IR, battery, lcd display, serial comm. to your PC, complete. in other words, the handy board home page
  41. Commercial Site about A company that supplies CNC machines
  42. Tim Kerby PIC site
  43. project zephyrus- A page about one of thier pneumatically-powered UNTETHERED units
  44. personal robot page
  45. powerglove faq
  46. "RICCI"
  47. Programmer's InfoPage
  48. software
  49. modem
  50. it is in the 'Integrated Circuits' section under 'EDE300'
  51. Jameel Ahed HOMEPAGE
  52. ~blakwing/BWIntro.html
  53. find JDS...(an ir thingy)
  54. Industrial Computer Source
  55. biped -See link in my netscape bookmarks
  56. See the short article on NiCds
  58. the Bad Design Page:
  59. for detailed info on PICs
  60. the Gernsback website:
  61. a robot soccer simulation in Java
  62. back issues of Radio Electronics Magazine.
  63. Pioneer Tech Specs,
  64. Advanced T-Robots
  65. Outdoor Mobile Robot
  66. -he is the most knowledgeable about inexpensive CNC -trust me! this would be like THE FIRST site to visit when thinking about CNC, real "framy" but PACKED w/ content!
  67. robot plans
  68. robot plans
  69. a lot of radio-modems
  70. see under "Parallel Port - Vol 1" for a discussion of Parallel Port C
  71. Re: line tracking
  72. Download Free software to design Neural Nets !!!)
  73. Neural Nets
  74. Neural Nets
  75. UMPS (Microcontroller simulator)
  76. hero robot source
  77. hero robot source
  78. enthusiast's page
  79. about the RB5X from General Robotics Corporation
  80. local support group in Brisbane
  81. RB5X info
  82. info)
  83. the 4QD web page
  84. more general overview.(local support group in Brisbane)
  85. Techno-stuff Robotics
  86. - a robot arm that can be controlled via your pc
  87. Ahmet ONAT's page "My 6 leg walker, RC airplanes & more"

from alt.home.automation

  3. home control systems that support TCP/IP
  6. CX241 MCX241
  8. general info on X10 and 220V
  9. The X10 FAQ
  10. X-10 8-in-1 (UR24A)
  12. Third Party Resource Directory. custom HA solutions based on LonWorks.
  13. ADVANCED Services, Inc.
  14. ECS
  16. X10 control software for Linux.
  17. wintek:all 200 disk Pioneer players can be controlled via a kit by a company call WINTEK.
  18. how to use X10 on 220V/50Hz
  19. the PilotPro
  20. HVAC control systems
  21. CyberHouse software

from other sources

  1. PC Speaker sound driver
  3. surfin private serch engines,music
  4. the source code and executable play WAV files
  5. solar systema
  6. nasa pix

for Mrs. Crawford

  1. coast memory
  2. best looking domain hosting service
  3. (nextone)

"Never confuse motion with action." - Benjamin Franklin

These I picked up while surfing usenet


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