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SVT 1.6 fixes 1.5 !!!

The readme included w/ the distribution:

Program name:
Phillip Blair's Spanish Vocabulary Tutor
Version 1.6

Foreign language vocabulary practise through question and answer self testing.

For running the included binary:i386 Linux box that'll run ELF biaries.
For compiling the included source:gdbm & ncurses.

Explode the archive in your usual spot(/usr/local/lib/), copy the binary to the appropriate place (/usr/games or /usr/local/bin), copy the .spanishrc file to your home directory and modify it to point to the directory where you want the program to put it's data files (make sure you leave off the trailing slash), make sure the directory exists (make it if it doesen't), and run the program! Quite simple really! I opted not to include any vocabulary so you'll have to put it in yourself.

In case anyone needs to make up a binary...(pay very close attention I shall only say this once..)

  1. step 1.Go to the directory where you exploded the binary
  2. step 2.Type "make" then press enter.

In (unlikely) case of problem compiling:
Some time ago, I was making up another linux box & accidentally installed a piece of the latest slackware (3.1) onto my existing system. It just HAPPENED to be one of the few critical pieces that had been changed from my version (2.0) which had been working flawlessly all along & which I had no intention of upgraging...I couldn't fix it in a day,so I was forced to point is that the location of the ncurses headers is different in slackware 3.1 so if you have problems compiling that might be it (it was for me) change the #include<ncurses/curses.h> in my .h files to the appropriate thing & that will clear up that problem.

Instructions For Use:
I opted not to include any vocabulary so you'll have to put it in yourself, this is really more in keeping with the spirit of the program. Hit 'e' in the main menu and it will ask you for the spanish,the english,and then ask for verification OR if you want to get out of database expansion - you can at this point by hitting 'q'. Back at the main menu, you can also practise the vocabulary you've entered by hitting `w', or have a look at the nouns you've enter'd into your database by hitting 'r' (you can get out of that too by hitting 'q'). But really,it is every bit as intuitive as it looks. Especially if you use Lynx (...!).

Read the file `COPYING'.

Now really, I'm working on svt-II right now. Go ahead and download 1.6, but trust me on this one, version 2 is what I've always REALLY wanted this thing to be! Check back mid-summer... P.S.. The Phil man is pretty busy right now (as always), but is always hot to talk about new and interesting projects; linux or web related; HINT HINT! Go back to my home page


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